Jacob Hendy

Jacob is a guitarist, composer and teacher who is based in Southampton and the surrounding area of South England, composing for and performing in both small groups and larger ensembles around the city.  His musical background encompasses 60s jazz and bop, hip-hop and contemporary jazz through to funk, blues and rock.



SLATE/SOUND are a Jazz/Hip-Hop trio who began performing in early 2018. They were founded on a desire to recreate the stylistic trademarks of hip-hop like sampling, chopped beats and an unquantized feel in a trio setting, focusing on improvisation and feel. They take classic alternative hip-hop beats, deconstruct them and chop them up in a live jazz setting, in addition to an array of original music built on the same principles.

Watch out for big announcements soon.


Live at Cafe Down the Lane - 4/7/17

With Archie Combe on his EP "Sun"